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Small Face Life Insurance CIGI Direct
Small Amounts Of Life Insurance For Many Important Needs

From the President's Desk:

Thank you for visiting this web site! I hope you found the site easy and straightforward to use. If you have any concerns or service problems with any of our websites, please email me at johnhightower@cigilife.com . If you need it…here’s my cell phone number 719-207-8425. I have been taking care of people’s insurance needs since 1982 and I want you to be happy with what we do. The company I founded, CIGI Direct Insurance Services, Inc. is licensed in every state and owns this website and several others…. www.eterm.com and www.learnlifesettlements.com. Please visit those locations also. Again, I have the best staff in the world to help you, but please let me know if you ever have a problem!

John Hightower

Cell 719.207.8425

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